NoteWorthyModesty Forbids–  This is published by NoteWorthy Investments, Inc., but written by subscribers and is the primary information exchange among note brokers. P. O. Box 31451, San Francisco, CA 94131. 1-800-487-1864 for more information. Cost: $89 per year.

Smart Trust Deed Investing in California by George Coats. This book is out of print, but may be in some libraries. It is a text book on buying and investing in discounted notes. Rough going, and often pedantic, but worth the read if you can find the book.

The Paper Source: Bill Mencarow, Jr. A good monthly newsletter. Has relevant, information and timely articles. Kerrville, TX : 1-800-542-2270. Cost: $119 per year.

Other Web Sites: is the web site for the largest real estate investing web site, with a forum for notes and cash flows.

Other Sources of Information:

Money Maker Report: written and published by Jimmy Napier. This newsletter has very little on notes, and is written in such a folksy manner, that the reader should subscribe only after looking at several issues to see if they can relate to his style. Mr. Napier is a well known national teacher with a large following. P. O. Box 858, Chipley, FL 32428. (800) 544-4488.

Cost: $45/year.

Invest in Debt by Jimmy Napier.  This was one of the first books in the field, and certainly got a lot of people interested in discounted notes. There is minimal content. The book is so poorly bound, that it will survive only about two readings before falling apart.

P. O. Box 858, Chipley, FL 32428.   (800) 544-4488.

Make a Fortune Buying Discounted Mortgages by Roger Bel Air.  A simple introductory book to the note business. Very little content. Doubleday & Company, Inc. Garden City, New York, 1987.

The Number One Real Estate Investment No One Talks About by Sanford W. Hornwood and I. Lucretia Hollingsworth. A fair introductory book. Prentice Hall, 1986.

There is an extensive catalog of books, software and tapes sold by NoteWorthy.