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About NoteWorthy
Serving the cash flow industry since 1986.

Originally founded in 1986

The Noteworthy Newsletter has been providing information and education to real estate and note brokers and investors for over 30 years. Not long after the Newsletter’s conception, NoteWorthy began to host what has become some of the industry’s most-attended networking and educational events.
NoteWorthy continues to offer excellent, reasonably priced education at their premier note-industry events: the Annual NoteWorthy National Convention and NoteWorthy Investors Summit. In addition to large-scale events, NoteWorthy offers virtual conferences, webinars, and video courses throughout the year. NoteWorthy has a reputation as the original pioneer in the world of note investing and in using financial models for determining actual value over time of real estate and note investments.

In 2016

Aaron Halderman along with his partner Chuck Bates purchased NoteWorthy. Prior to acquiring NoteWorthy, Aaron was a managing partner for a private investment company that acquired over 2,000 single-family assets nationwide and managed over $100 million in note investments. He also owned/operated NoteTools.com and hosted the Annual Note Investors Summit (NIS Live) in Southern California.

In 2020

Ben Fredricks and John Leggett became partners of NoteWorthy. We launched the NoteWorthy Podcast that airs weekly nationwide. Aaron Halderman continues to serve as Chairman and Publisher of the Newsletter as well as co-host of the annual Convention and Summit along with Ben Fredricks. John Leggett oversees the “Deal Desk” of current real estate and note inventory for sale.

In 2021

We look forward to celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the NoteWorthy Newsletter, launching a new Membership program, and to hosting the 35th Annual NoteWorthy National Convention.

Thanks for learning more about us and we look forward to interacting with you for years to come.


Mr. Jon Richards was the original founder of NoteWorthy Newsletter, the major newsletter for buyers and brokers of cash flows on the secondary market. It has been published monthly since October 1986 and is the largest paid-subscription newsletter in the industry. He was the publisher of the NoteWorthy Newsletter and host of the National Convention until his death in 2003.

Mr. Richards was a licensed real estate broker, long time real estate investor, and an expert in finding, appraising, buying, and brokering discounted notes and mortgages. He was the professor and tenured instructor of Real Estate at the College of Alameda in California.

To honor his dedication and contribution in the note industry we continue to honor his memory with two annual awards presented at the Convention and Summit, the NoteWorthy Industry Achievement Award, and the Jon Richard’s Educator of the Year Award.

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