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NoteWorthy Investor Summit 2021


NoteWorthy Investor Summit 2021

MARCH 2021

The NoteWorthy Investor Summit 2021 was a fantastic event. We had 11 different experts that spoke over the course of 2 days. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this event was entirely online.

Over 14 hours of recordings are available for purchase.

Speakers included: John Hyre, Kevin Shortle, Brent Kesler, Sherman Arnowitz, Tracy Z, Fred Moskowitz, Lizell, Jason DeBono, Corey Peterson, Matt Kelley, and Scott Brown


National Convention 2020


NoteWorthy National Convention 2020


Performing, nonperforming, owner financed, firsts, seconds, residential or commercial investors all gathered virtually to discuss topics like the State of The Industry, Selling Your Notes Online, Self-Directed Strategies, and more! Over 15 hours of recordings are available for purchase.